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What Consumers Need To Know When Working With A Real Estate Broker

As real estate transactions have become more complex and varied, the types of real estate brokerage arrangements available to the public have evolved to meet the changing needs of consumers entering this market. This page is intended to provide buyers and sellers with a description of the different types of brokerage arrangements so that consumers can choose the type brokerage services best suited to their needs.

Know Your Rights

At the initial contact between a licensee ( both sales persons and brokers ) and the public, the licensee shall be considered to be a transaction broker. As soon as reasonably possible and before the exchange of confidential information, New York law requires the licensee to provide you with a written disclosure form that describes different types of brokerage arrangements. You are encouraged to read and sign this disclosure form.

After disclosure you may then choose the type of brokerage agreement best suited to your needs. This brokerage agreement will contain a statement of the specific brokerage services the broker will provide. In the absence of a signed brokerage agreement, the transaction brokerage relationship will remain in effect. Make sure you talk to the real estate licensee with whom you are working to determine the type of services you need or will receive under alternative brokerage arrangements.


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